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November 1, 2010: Joanna 1 Jewelry Store
in Bryn Mawr Film Institute
Press Release

November 2010: Article in Bryn Mawr

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December 9, 2010: Main Line/Suburban Times Newspapers, Flair Section

A large popcorn and a pair of earrings please
A new artisanal jewelry store is catching moviegoers’ eyes at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute. Haverford jewelry maker Joanna Morrison Marcuse opened her first freestanding bauble boutique, Joanna 1 Jewelry, across from MilkBoy Coffee in the institute’s arcade Nov. 5. Joanna’s signature creations are made from PMC (precious-metal clay) silver, which takes on a unique look after firing in the kiln.

Inspired by nature and spirituality, Joanna says her pieces are timeless, ageless and can be dressed up or down and customized. Prices range from $40 for semi-precious beaded bracelets to $189. The shop also carries Andi DeMarino’s mosaics and Michelle Jacobson’s pottery. For more information, visit

April 2011: Main Line Today Magazine: Insider’s Guide
Joanna1 Jewelry
Joanna Morrison Marcuse’s handmade jewelry is created from precious metal clay. The medium is comprised of pure silver and a binder that, when fired in the kiln, burns away, leaving behind a piece of wearable art. Gallery Eros, 814 W. Lancaster Ave., Bryn Mawr; (484) 222-0513,